The Story of The Super Blessed - Singapore Christian Gift shop for Christian gifts, Christian T-shirts, Christian caps, Christian bags, Christian apparels and Christian accessories

The Super Blessed is a Singapore brand started off in 2013 as founder, Jodan Lim, saw many Tshirts on the streets and overseas carrying profanities and negative messages and wondered, why not a fashion revolution that everyone wears God's words, and other empowering affirmative words instead? Just Imagine that! With that thought, The Super Blessed was born with the vision of creating an Empowering Affirmative Society, by sharing God's Words and other empowering affirmative words through fashion, and aspiring to share God's relentless love and grace for us. We want the world to Live the Super Blessed Life!  Over the years, we have also expanded to share God's love and grace and other empowering affirmative words through lifestyle via our wide range of lifestyle goods. 

The Super Blessed had started its first online presence in 2014, known as the shop WowWow5, retailing mainly Tshirts and Caps then. We made our first offline appearance at a Christmas bazaar in December 2016, featuring our streetwear collection, and other Christian merchandises, including the well received "Super Blessed" merchandises, and a new series of Singlish (Colloquial Singaporean English) merchandises named "I'm a Singaporean Christian" series. Being the first locally, these Singlish Christian merchandises delighted our customers so much that we see many (believers and non-believers) walked off with laughters and smiles.

Feeling encouraged, The Super Blessed opened our first brick and mortar store at Far East Plaza on 1st April 2017. From then, we expanded our products range widely, and aim to continue sharing God's words and other empowering affirmative words through trendy fashion and lifestyle products. We also aim to have the largest collection of cool Christian Caps, and continue to delight our customers with more creations that remind us of and to share God's love and grace in a light-hearted manner.

Throughout the running of this business, we had always prayed for God to lead us in every way, and we truly thank God for leading us, and blessing us with the creativity, and opening up doors for us along the way. Most of our products are designed by our founder, who does not have any design training or background. As illustrated in the bible, if God calls us to do something, He will equip us with the ability and ways. Hallelujah!

The Super Blessed thank everybody who had loved and supported us since the beginning too. It is never a lonely business, as we know that through the mountains we faced, we have all of you, our good friends, and dear family, and the greatest almighty God, who is our rock and refuge and victory, and will provide. The Lord is our shepherd, we shall not want (Psalm 23:1). We look forward to creating more products to delight our customers, to remind each person, and to share with the world, God's abounding love and grace for us, and may all of us live the Super Blessed Life!

Because of He who died on the cross for us, we are Super Blessed.